Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Details details...

I'm sooo relieved they have cold showers, I'm so sick of hot ones and you can't find a cold one anywhere.

"Club al Madina de Musculation"

I should make some new tea. Or cast some kind of spell.

This is organic.

The stairs up to Fuentes Cafe in the Petit Socco are thin as paper from human drops of water lapping away.

Strange visitor

This was planted on the beach by some of the stowaway hopefuls. A friend explained it "They're just kids you know, they have to have fun too." But look at this thing, it's pointy, jagged, sinister and skeletal. It looks like some superstitious gesture, or a dedication to a friend departed.

The Cinema!

At Dusk

At Night

The Cafe

The Cafe Hallway and Bar


Ramadan at 6pm

During Ramadan stores close from 5:30-8 and the streets empty out. Breaking the fast happens between 6 and 6:10 shifting everyday according to the lunar calendar. Between 5:15 and 6 are the absolute worst times to drive, risky business. People are not only the hungriest they'll be all day but they are rushing home towards a meal. Nothing will stop them. Here is the Grand Socco at 5:55.

New Pictures of the Grand Socco

Tangier is also undergoing serious change. They put a gaudy St. Petersburg style fountain in the middle of the main square. It's a bit much and people complain that the palm trees they put around it don't like it there and are dying. They also give no shade. I guess they put in one square and the king drove by one day and didn't like it, so they had to take it apart and start from scratch.

This view from the cinema shows the trucks that are here as part of the Bourne Again crew. Part of the many part Bourne series, a huge movie crew has taken over Tangier. More pictures above.

The fountain is nice from one side of the square. But since square is on a slope, you get a strange view from the downhill side. At least the cinema peaks out.

The fountain from the cinema's projection room.