Monday, January 02, 2006

Hotel Life. When all you can see from your hotel is the word hotel, you know you're a serpent eating your own tail. I'm a serpent eating my own tale. Five star hotel life is nice, Hunter S. Thompson style (RIP).

Hotel bar

Peacocks were pruning at the parties.

Preparing for the festival...laying down the sand.

Ooooo aaaaa films

The festival world--The world of the festival.

Marrakech red. This is the picture I was waiting for in Tangier for days. Waiters in Morocco serve like they're in olympic competition. Makes for an interesting alternative to the egg races of yore.

Hey folks! Sorry I've been MIB (Missing in Blogland lately, I left Tangier for New York, only to be sent back to Morocco, but to Marrakech this time, for a program through Tribeca Film Institute and the Marrakech Film Festival. The blog I made for Marrakech is not exactly about the city, but about the program, and about the festival. You can see that blog at I also visited the Cinematheque de Tanger in Tangier and there has been loads of progress on the construction front. See pictures at (not by me.) The opening date is set for May 29th, after the Cannes Film Festival.
(photo by youssef barrada)

Abbas Kiarostami during one of his master classes

Scorsese during the master class