Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Letter from America--it's not so far away

"Tonight on television American Cinematography Actor Event was dedicated to George Clooney.
He was getting a Life Time Achievement Award and many Movie Stars were there.
One of them, Matt Damon, was shown in Tangier and was praising George standing in front of Cinema Rif selling movie tickets to the locals, talking to George from the screen and arguing with Moroccans at the same time.
It was so great for me to be at your place so unexpectedly all of a sudden hours after we talked.
I really take it as a very good sign, toward your future stay, making the best of Tangier's spiritual atmosphere."--Dada Schneider

Mohamed, the official cinematheque shoeshiner, gives the thumbs up but does not stop shining. December 13th, the cinematheque de tanger opened to the public with the movie Indigenes, a film about Moroccan mercenaries during WWII, and with the first DocMaroc documentary filmmaking workshop.

get your photos for visas here--but he's watching you so you better not leave for long...

The priest comes in from Spain every Sunday.

Arabic above the pulpit

The congregation today

fresh kill

The scissor in the stone

guardian of the gates--of paradise? He was very handsome...

like soldiers all lined up in a row

Welcome to the St. Andrew's Church and Graveyard. I had the pleasure of visiting with one of the documentary film students who are here for two weeks doing films all around Tangier. The ideas for the films came from us and the things we have been wanting to cover for a long time. Here are some stills of the site I took while I was there scouting for the students.

We're open!