Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Details details...

I'm sooo relieved they have cold showers, I'm so sick of hot ones and you can't find a cold one anywhere.

"Club al Madina de Musculation"

I should make some new tea. Or cast some kind of spell.

This is organic.

The stairs up to Fuentes Cafe in the Petit Socco are thin as paper from human drops of water lapping away.

Strange visitor

This was planted on the beach by some of the stowaway hopefuls. A friend explained it "They're just kids you know, they have to have fun too." But look at this thing, it's pointy, jagged, sinister and skeletal. It looks like some superstitious gesture, or a dedication to a friend departed.


Anonymous shifa - shifaiali@yahoo.com said...

hi simona - i am currently living in morocco and just had a really wonderful time exploring your blog (which was especially convenient and helpful for the endless hours of this "surprise!-an-extra-day-of-ramadan-it-actually-never-ends" monday). all of your fascinating experiences (somehow the word fascinate always sounds facetious but i really actually am fascinated by everything you have done) plus reading about the groups you are affiliated with in tanger (i initially recieved your name from a friend in regards to the peacecorps derija book) = a really long-winded email that was just mailerdemoned to me, so if you have time, please email me at shifaiali@yahoo.com , and hopefully ill hear from you soon. thanks, Eid mubarak!

7:13 AM  
Blogger lafleur said...

beautiful pictures simona

2:51 PM  

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