Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New Pictures of the Grand Socco

Tangier is also undergoing serious change. They put a gaudy St. Petersburg style fountain in the middle of the main square. It's a bit much and people complain that the palm trees they put around it don't like it there and are dying. They also give no shade. I guess they put in one square and the king drove by one day and didn't like it, so they had to take it apart and start from scratch.

This view from the cinema shows the trucks that are here as part of the Bourne Again crew. Part of the many part Bourne series, a huge movie crew has taken over Tangier. More pictures above.

The fountain is nice from one side of the square. But since square is on a slope, you get a strange view from the downhill side. At least the cinema peaks out.

The fountain from the cinema's projection room.


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