Thursday, May 05, 2005

April 30//Casa Barata

Shopping at Casa Barata, the largest Salvation Army in the world, we came upon a table piled with women's hats. These seem to have been just excavated from a collapsed department store, or pillaged from the house of a large British pigeon like woman. Lucky for us, no one else in Morocco, definitely not Tangier, wears hats like this. Some men wear fedoras, but no women wear hats over their scarves. Maya got the hat in her hand, and a brown deformed hat that makes her into Tom Sawyer. I found the plum fedora I have been searching for, a sensible gray hat and a brown 5th avenue style hat with a great plume, detachable for writing. Posted by Hello


Anonymous shifa - said...

okay, i understand that you wrote this post over a year ago, but i really really want to know where this is. im in thrift store withdrawl.

6:59 AM  

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