Saturday, April 30, 2005

April 30//At the photo studio

Building on the photo I posted April 28, here are a few examples I see of modern photostudio techniques on my way to work. They are popular, and pretty inventive, and seem to picture babies as either 1) animals, 2) helpless, or 3) destined to become holy, or some combination thereof. Another framed photo, not shown here but enlarged and with a prime place in the vitrine, shows a baby sticking his tongue out. It seems that here, atleast with more frequency, babies are represented as starting from the ground level, as little rascals in one way or another, and growing towards god, whereas in the west we see them as little angels, just fallen from grace. I guess it depends what baby you're talking about, but from what I gather, I think the first vision is a little more apt.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Simona, I just have to say it loud... The Telegram is the best window I know onto the real Tangier of today and my favorite interneat publication of them all. Even since you left Tanja I sometimes browse the TT backissues just to find out what's going on it town -- and I live there. Rock the fuck on! We miss you. Sean

10:21 AM  

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