Tuesday, April 26, 2005

City teeming with teams

The beach is used primarily as soccer fields by atleast 15 official teams with uniforms and a dozen informal leagues. The beach is an interesting place and I will be spending much more time on the many beaches in and around Tangier now that it is hot. The public beach in Tangier is dirty. It is right next to the port where all illegal cargo gets thrown overboard if discovered, then washes up on shore. On this day there was a large constitution of fresh oranges. Larbi's theory was that the young Moroccans, aspiring stowaways, brought sustenance to eat while they were waiting to get on a boat, usually under the belly of a truck. When they made it they threw their oranges away. There would have to be about 100 stowaways at this time to account for all the oranges. But this is entirely possible.


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