Thursday, April 21, 2005

This is an ongoing investigation. Cabo Negro is to the east of the Spanish enclave in Morocco, the town of Ceuta. It is also at the near narrowest point of the strait, a mere 14 kilometers across from the British enclave in Spain, Gibraltar. The Spanish government has been pressuring the Brits to stop throwing their garbage in the water. All the trash washes up on shore and turns tourists away. Ironically, the town of Ceuta is doing the same thing on the Moroccan side. And the proof shows people on both sides eat a lot of yogurt. Seriously, though, this is what a group of fishermen pulled out of the ocean. It's a crying shame. There's the town of Cabo in the background. When it becomes warm enough to swim they will clean this up and act as though it never happened. It was nice to see these towns in spring. Posted by Hello


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