Thursday, March 10, 2005

Tangier, Morocco// March 6, 2005// Chaudiere Ideal

I am sitting on a an abstract rug with a couple pillows under me, eating a tangerine. It's sunday, my first free day since I arrived Monday. Every once in awhile I have to feed the fire in the next room. The beast eats four logs and a bag of charcoal to get embered up, then one bag of charcoal every two hours thereafter until I fall asleep. So far I’ve been feeding it only when I get home at night, which has been consistently around 10pm. The idea is, I don’t feel the heat at all, I start it before I go to bed and sleep well. Today (alyoun) is the first rainy day here, the farmers are dancing, I am feeding the beast. I am getting very good at starting fires.


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