Monday, February 28, 2005


My Milieu is Filling

Salutations from Tangier! I am here to fundraise and help in the transformation of the Cinema Rif in the main square (the Grand Socco) from a theater with exclusively Bollywood engagements where the people of the town come to smoke hash and lose themselves in the song, dance and romance of the Bollywood formula (it works every time) to a venue for Moroccan directors, documentaries, independent films, workshops on film, a media library, artists’ residences and editing suites—a new cultural center of the awakening port city. The most recent film at the cinema is a Bombay shocker called Proud to Be an Indian. The quote from the movie on all the posters is "You ain't white, you ain't rite" and the star has a large red swastika on his chest. Most of the movies are love stories, though. The office atmosphere is very nice as we have as background music, the starlings twittering at all times.

I have yet to decide what type of writing I will publish here. It will serve as a journal of sorts but being here this week has been intense and has made me forget myself and concentrate on the politics emerging here. They are embroiled in the private lives of the people on a noticeably daily level and in my daily life especially with my involvement with the cinematheque project and my close contact with a notoriously political family. So send questions on any subject and I will respond and there will definitely be stories and pictures galore. Just remember, I am also working 10 hour days. I am NOT a flaneur, nor am I here for pedophile tourism.


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