Monday, August 08, 2005

rebuilt synagogue


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I´m sorry--I know this isn´t the right way to go about this--but let me try to explain: Basically, I´m a secular Jew who´s travelling around; currently I´m in Alicante, Spain. While prior to my trip I hadn´t gone to services in a long time, I am trying to go to Shabbat in each country while I´m roaming (also, I´m not sure if you´re Jewish, so if this makes even less sense, I apologize.)

Anyhow, I searched for ¨synagogue¨and ¨tangier¨on Google, and I found your page. From my search, it seems like one of the more recent pages that has any info about a synagogue in Tangier--and with a photo, to boot.

I was wondering if you might be able to tell me where the synagogue is and its name? I looked on Google maps for any Synagogue Street or Rue des Synagogues (where I think this might be), but really had no luck. Additionally, I think that synagogue might be in Latvia, so that might be a bummer.

Also, I looked around the rest of your blog and the cinema sounds totally awesome and while I don´t know your background I really liked seeing your photos and getting the snippets of stories.

If any of this makes sense (which, I understand, it might not) please feel free to e-mail me at

Sorry to abuse your blogs commenting system, but thanks,

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