Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Conceptual Project

Said's Rant
The right can't be beaten by the left (that easily)
the right has no power to make them sick or dead.
The left is closer to god than the extreme right
or even the regular right, even the extreme left.
There are more right than left, splitting them up
between themselves and their own intentions,
see three against two.
When you slit the lamb's throat you send the children away
because at that moment enters the devil.

The first life on earth was a bird, not a dove,
but a parrot. Because it can repeat words, then
seperated animal from the phenomenon (humans.)
Rain comes from the sky so life comes from the sky,
so birds come from the sky.

The artist had a farther reaching perspective
For the right-one's own religion
For the left, the devil for some, really closer to god
than any of you.

If I had the end of the world in my hands right here,
is holding a crumpled piece of brown bag,
the reverse big bang
held it out towards anyone, said "take it,"
and they did...
Private things pass at 1100 kilometers a second

Why do our looks look the look they look?
No one can explain, Darwin explained,
but an artist can draw a baby before it is born
Da Vinci did it.


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