Sunday, June 05, 2005

The husband arrives

The girl's party climaxes when the husband arrives. That could be anywhere between midnight and 5 am. After 5 am I guess he'll never show. Waiting in suspense is completely normal, the boy's party could be too fun and rowdy. I, like all the other women, would not be allowed access. In the olden days, and still today in more rural areas, the bride would be delivered to the husband's house on a mule with a box around her--as if she were a present. In fact they do this so that she cannot be sullied by the looks of strange men on her way. The end of the ceremony the bride and groom dance, if they wish. Everyone chants �Hoowa, Hiyya, Hoowa, Hiyya� which means, �Him, Her, Him Her.� The bride slinks away for one last �evening wear� change.


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