Wednesday, May 11, 2005

May 10//Ramadan spring

"You didn't have to let your other wives know when you marry another one." But my Professor is going through the proceedings of a divorce right now in court. He lookes so exhausted from the process.
* In Islam, to marry a second wife, you have to satisfy many conditions. oneof these conditions is to be just and fair and treat the two wives in thesame way in all levels. If one cannot satisfy this major condition, heshould not marry another woman. " if you are afraid that you will not bejust and fair, marry just one" ( a translation of a Verse from the Quran).Besides, the possibility to marry a second wife was allowed to avoiddivorce. Instead of divorcing the first wife (which has social drawbacks)one is allowed to keep his first wife and marry a second time. Anyway, Idon't think that anyone in Morocco would marry more than one wife nowadaysexcept in some rural areas. (Thanks Abdelfettah Firdous)

My arabic teacher Professor Soucis starts telling me about the man who lost two sons in a bus towards the end of one day during Ramadan, the Professor specified . During Ramadan people get aggravated from not eating, they start fights, or they are lightheaded and make crucial mistakes. But no one will admit that they are acting this way because they are hungry. That would defeat the piousness of observing the holiday. The bus flipped over and only he was able to swim out. Many perished, he dove back for many, but before he could find his sons the police came and pulled him out. Later he found a naturally carbonated spring near where he lost his sons, and just got the permission to bottle it from the government. That's a good business.

Professor Soucis’ picture at 21 years old dressed to the nine in a Madrid uniform, one foot on a ball, his smile the most sparklingly pure happiness imaginable. He has wavy hair down to his shoulders, he bends to me and takes off his beige fedora, one greased stripe of hair makes the journey from one ear to the other. Now he always looks a bit like he’s staving inertia off with a lance/sword, on the verge of letting the world swallow him up, but he keeps running as it turns.. I brought my ball, and when we go outside I pass it to him gently. He kicks it up in the air and bounces it off his foot 10 times before he loses it, all with the exact same smile as in the picture.


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