Saturday, April 09, 2005

Sean, Yto, David, Charlotte, Roderick, Daryl, Bubba, Pete, Maya, Simona and all the Darna boys are officially pirates of the Black Fig. Arrrrrr. Our boat was thrown up in a storm and landed in a Ficus tree. Roderick Romero, and the folks from Treehouse Workshop in Seattle, Bubba and Daryl, treehouse builders extraordinaire came to secure the foundations. We celebrated its completion with a slumber party and then dinner and a poker game. Treefrogs, pond toads, fishermenÂ’s sputtering engines, 5am prayer, sunlight, the reflective quality of the bottoms of those face-sized leaves, Bubba snoring, dogs barking all contributed to a beautiful night in the treehouse. Posted by Hello


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